NCVC welcomes all interested in bicycle racing. No racing experience is necessary. NCVC provides free coaching and a fun, social, supervised environment for learning and competing.


If you are interested in joining NCVC,  we like to make sure your goals match our goals as a club.

Our application process helps ensure new riders will fit in with the various racing categories and disciplines. Let us know your name, email, goals, and notable results.

If you’re a male who’s never raced a bike before, select Cat 4/5.

Next steps

You will be contacted by the captain for the team or discipline to come meet or participate in a ride. This is an opportunity for both parties to see how a prospective new member would fit in the team's dynamic. We value cohesion and want to ensure there will be a fit for the team. This is good for new riders, teams, and the club as a whole.

We strive to be responsive, but keep in mind that while our riders and representatives are passionate about racing, they serve the club as volunteers.

Thanks for contacting NCVC.