2017 Tour de Tysons

We are grateful to say that this year's Tour de Tysons was a great success!  Thank you to The Tysons Partnership, our partners United Healthcare, AECOM, Singhal & Company, Inc., Veni Vidi Velo, Freshbikes, Panache Cyclewear, Velofix, Java Cruiser and Acme Pie Co. as well as the volunteers that made it possible. Last but not least, thank you to all of you that spent the day with us racing and spectating, we now look forward to seeing everyone at Ed Sander CX.

Tour de Taco

As many of you know, Eric Voigt is heading to Canada to compete in the Tour of L'Abitibi Desjardins, a UCI juniors race.

Many of us contributed to his gofundme page, but now we have a more delicious way to support one of our top juniors.

On Saturday July 18th, District Taco's M Street location will donate 20% of sales to anyone who mentions "Eric Voigt" at checkout

You need to eat, and you love to ride, so Saturday should become Tour de Taco. District Taco opens at 10am, so go for your Saturday morning ride and end at District Taco on M Street (they let you bring your bike inside) to enjoy some great food and support a local junior racer.

Use #TourdeTaco on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Tour de Tysons Canceled for 2015

MABRA and Virginia Cycling Racers:

The situation with the 2015 Tour de Tysons has grown rather critical from forces that are currently beyond my control.

At present, although I have permitted the race through USA cycling, registration is not open or currently visible.

Unfortunately, two critical path roadblocks exist:

  1. Despite repeated contacts and signficant lead time, NCVC has been unable to secure a Virginia Department of Transportation permit. They are unable to even give a date when such a permit might be awarded or denied.
  2. About 150 m of the back side of the course is completely unridable and dangerous. Currenty the landlord does not control the contractor doing the paving. The current schedule is for paving sometime in the 2nd week of July--in other words, when the race will take place.

NCVC cannot in good conscience take entry fees for a race we might have to cancel. In addition, our support, such as EMTs, vendors, and officials require a reasonable amount of notice in the event of a cancellation. We reached that point last week.

For those reasons, since NCVC cannot ensure that it will be able to promote the 2015 Tour de Tysons safely and professionally, we are left with no option to cancel the event for 2015 and refocus on a 2016 event.

NCVC appreciates the level of support from the Tysons Partnership and from the staff at Lerner, whose enthusiasm and helpfulness have always gone far beyond what was required.

We plan to to restart for 2016 with an even longer lead time, which VDOT apparently now requires.

We're very sorry that it has come to this.

Washington Post: Mary Breed Wins Qualifying Race for UCI Championship

(Liz Vance/For The Washington Post)

The Washington Post featured NCVC's Mary Breed's recent accomplishments:

Last year, in only her second season of bicycle racing, the Arlington resident won first place in the Masters (over-35) category at the USA Cycling National Championships in Ogden, Utah.
And last weekend, the 38-year-old finished first in the Grey County Road Race, representing her D.C.-area team, the National Capital Velo Club (NCVC). The hilly, 129-kilometer event, held in Ontario, is the North American qualifying race to compete in the UCI (International Cycling Union) Amateur Road World Championships, to be held in Denmark in September.

Conquer the Canal Time Trial

Women's Cat 4 - Michelle Neff 

At the starting line the official decided to do things "old school" and lined us up one minute apart. Since there were a couple of no-shows, I had two minutes between my start time and the rider ahead of me and two minutes until the rider behind me started.

Truly an individual effort.

I caught the rider who started before me and passed her just before the turn-around. I kept expecting last year's winner or another rider to catch me at some point on the course but no one ever did.

We had to leave shortly after the race, before the results were complete. I had no clue that I won until Pete Swan emailed me this morning congratulating me and telling me I should get a TT bike.