National Championship for NCVCs Mary Breed

Over the past 2 years NCVC's Mary Breed has shot up as one of the top riders in the MABRA region. She has shown that she is not only a mother of 4 and a wife to teammate Logan Breed, but has shown that she is an excellent racer and one of the best in the country. This past September Mary decided to head to Ogden, Utah for the USA Cycling National Championships. Below is her recount of her time there...



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Masters National Championship Criterium (women 35-39) Race Report

The women's (35-39) race was combined with the women's (40-44) race.

The race course was 1 mile long with 8, 90 degree turns. It was almost flat with one small "bump" of a hill just past the start/finish line.

The race went at a pretty fast clip throughout with different gals attacking. I was careful to stick to good wheels, avoid gals who were willing to take dangerous risks and stay near the front. I did my best to let others chase breaks whenever possible.

Going into the last lap our combined fields were together as a pack. Curt Southern, Tom Godfrey and I had watched the finishes of other races throughout the day and knew the winner of every race had either been first or second coming out of the last turn.

Flying into the fifth and trickiest corner of the last lap I was fourth wheel - right where I wanted to be. I heard a crash behind me (which was the result of a rider trying to move up by squeezing through two other riders at the apex of the turn) but kept going.

I started to sprint on the straightaway before the last corner and came through the corner second. It was an all-out sprint for the line. I crossed the line in second place by a matter of inches only to realize a few moments later that first woman across the line was in the other age category and I had won!


Tons of thanks to: Tom Godfrey who suggested I do this race; my fantastic husband, Logan Breed who convinced and made it possible for me to go; Tom Godfrey and Curt Southern who let me join their travel plans in Utah and totally supported me out there; Peter Lindeman for being a great coach; Pete Lindeman and Greg Abbott for the one-on-one help to improve my cornering; Alexis Zink for being in my head throughout the race reminding me not to work too hard; and all of the wonderful teammates who have ridden with me, given me advice, or cheered for me this season. I really appreciate it!