Monstercross Race Report

A few of our NCVC team mates were out racing this weekend, below you can catch up with their results at the Monstercross.

Masters Rider Bill Luecke:

If you've thought about doing a gravel/ultracross event, but were nervous, Monstercross might be a good first attempt. It's short--3+ hours instead of 5+--and flat. The course is a long lap, a short lap, and then a repeat of the long lap. About 6 miles are on pavement.

The gravel roads and bridle paths, which had been dusty-dry last year, were layered almost everywhere with a greasy layer of watt-sapping mud. The sections that had been muddy last year were quagmires. Even so, I think I would have been slower had I not ridden a cross bike.

What can you really say about a 3.5 hour race? We started. I immediately tangled with my passenger and eventual Women's Cross division winner Clio Dinan who got pushed into me in the first turn. I was more worried about her going down than me. After the pseudo-neutral start, I dialed the heart rate up to 11 and kept it there for the next 3:28. By the end of the first lap I was mostly riding alone, though I did catch the 6th place 50+ guy with about 15km to go. My efforts were good enough for 5th place (of 38) in the 50+ (58th/250+ overall) and a box of Skratch cookie mix.

I cannot imagine what I would have to have done to go as fast as the Pro winner, Jeremiah Bishop, did.

Womens/Junior rider Clio Dinan:

Monster Cross is a fun 50 mile off road event near Richmond. This year, course conditions were a bit damp, with some instances of really thick mud that made the race much longer and harder. I started off pretty quickly and kept the pace up for the first half of the race, but faded a lot after that when I started running out of fuel and developing a bit of dehydration. Fortunately I'd managed to put a lot of time on the other racers in my category, so all I had to do was finish. I had no idea that I'd taken the win until the organizer announced podiums! It was a great event and I'm excited to return next year.