Richmond International Crit

Juniors Boys 15-18 - Chris Neurtier 

The race began with a few fairly slow laps.

At about five or ten minutes, the pace started to pick up. Everyone was taking turn in the front. When I got to the front, I was not trying to make a break or anything, but when I moved to the right to rotate back, no one was there to take my place. I looked behind me and the next person was about 5 seconds back. I slowed down to let them catch me.

The rest of the race was a lot like that (racing in a big group), until the final corner when everyone let loose for the line. Eric ended up winning by a long way.

Juniors Boys 10-14 – Iain MacKeith

The Richmond International Raceway is always a very fun race to start the season as a junior. Great crowd, great place to race. The only downfall I find is the wind. Every year that I have done this race, the wind has been horrendous. Usually the finishing straight is a nice tailwind but the back side is a killer headwind. Oh and the sidewinds in the corners make for a squirrelly race.

So now to talk about what actually happened in the 9-14 race. (It's actually really easy to sum up.) I attacked off the line to make a separation. After that it was quite obvious that if you weren't already in the front group the chance of you winning was nil (unless we all crashed). After about seven laps of an extremely high pace we finally slowed down. Then there were one or two attacks from Elijah Shipp (Rogue Velo Racing). I made a small attack just to see where everyone was only to realize that I was likely the worst off.

When the sprint came around Justin Free (Endorphin Fitness Cycling Team) started his sprint in the lower section when the rest of us were up on the track so it was just a race for second for the rest is of us.

All and all it was good race and a nice 2nd place for my first race of the season. I had seven other teammates in my race and I hope they had just a good of a time as I did.

Womens 1/2/3 – Clio Dinan

I wanted to share a race report from Sunday at the Richmond International Raceway criterium where Amy Creed and I took the win for the women's squad. The race was a bit of a mixed bag, as there was a very serious crash just eight minutes into our race that took out four ladies. We were stopped for quite a while for the ambulances and given a seven lap race when we resumed.

Amy kept me really well positioned and out of the wind the whole time, which was critical as it was super windy. Into the final bend Amy was in the lead with a handful of other ladies, and moved so I could sprint as we reached the final straightaway. I sprinted really hard and had a huge advantage over the others who had to ride into the wind that final turn, which netted me the win! I am so thankful to Amy, an amazing and super talented teammate who, even after working hard the whole race, got third in the sprint!!

Thank you Amy and everyone else on NCVC for the awesome support.