Riding Musings with... NCVCs Eric Voigt

 We recently had the chance to catch up with Eric Voigt and his most recent season with NCVC. Eric is an up and coming force to reckon with, especially in the CX racing scene. 


- - - - 

Eric, congrats on an amazing CX and traveling to Nationals in Austin, TX.  How has the transition been since you got back? 

The time in Austin was easy because of the awesome help from my friends and family who traveled out to support me. After arriving back home, I had to take a week or so off the bike to try to recover from my sore legs. 

For those on the team and the internet that don’t know who you are, who is Eric Voigt, and what super power would you want to have?

I was born in 1998 and have lived in Northern Virginia my whole life. I am the youngest of 3 kids, with my brother being the oldest and my sister the middle. As I kid I played just about every sport possible, from football to soccer, baseball to rugby, water polo to crew. I started riding in 2011 and didn't start racing until this past year (2014). I really loved the freedom riding gave me, and that's why I stuck with it. If I could have any super power, I would want to be able to fly because that is probably the sweetest power ever, obviously! 

Flying, would be a good super power. So now is your off season right?  How are you able to balance the commitment of training and school and anything extra you do outside of school?

It's pretty difficult to balance all my various activities. Not only am I a student and a racer, I'm also in the band at our school. In the winter it is easier to balance all the activities of my life, but fall is the hardest because of marching band, which is an almost everyday commitment. All and all, it just takes time and patience to master my crazy schedule.   

That is a pretty impressive schedule you have there. What were some of the highlights during this years CX season?

I had a very successful cross season. I won all but 3 junior races, came second in a 3/4 race, won the local Sportif and Super8 championships, and upgraded from CAT 5 to CAT 3. 


Any favorite race of the 2014 CX season?

 My favorite CX race this season was the first race of the season, Fort Richie CX. The nerves of any race are big, but the first race is even bigger, and missing the start by 45 seconds didn't help. In the end, I still won the race. This was a big confidence boost knowing that I am capable of more than even I thought. 

 Wait..missing the start by 45 seconds, care to elaborate?

Well I was pre-riding the course with a team mate when we saw and heard a bunch of racers go off. I had to duck and jump over all the tape to get to the starting line. At that point I hadn't realized my race had actually started until Marge came running up to us and told us that was our start. At that point I frantically began hammering it to make up lost time. Once I got with the back of the pack I just kept a steady pace and starting gradually overtaking everyone.

What music do you listen to when you ride/train?

When I'm outside I usually prefer to ride without music, because it is easier to really tune into my body that way, but when I'm on the trainer, I love binge watching a new series on Netflix.

What do you love about bike racing? What is it about bike racing that motivates you to put in all the hard work and endure the suffering that goes along with it?

 The thing I love most about bike racing is the adrenaline rush you get at both the beginning of the race, and when you're in a good position and nearing the end. There is nothing like it. This helps to motivate me to work hard because the second rush is always bigger than the first. 


What is your favorite non-cycling activity?

My favorite non cycling activity is playing ultimate frisbee with my friends. It's a fun way to joke around while still have that competitive side

What is one of your goals for the 2015/2016 road season?

In the next (2) road seasons, I would like to do more than ride Nationals, I want to compete in them. I want to be someone who people are worried about when the finish line is approaching

 Who would you most like to ride with?

If I could ride with anyone, it would probably be Alex Howes. I know, I know he hasn't won any tours or anything, but he is the kind of guy who you could have a conversation with, and never get bored.