William & Mary Tidewater Classic Race Report

Cat 5 Ryan Hill:

The sun was still rising as Peter and I got to the starting line. The race started as expected at a cordial pace until a couple solo breaks started to occur at the first and only real "climb" on the loop. The pack didn't react much to these moves as some failed and some got away for a while. I kept pace near the front of the group and led here and there. Peter was nearby the whole time.

On the back half of the last lap, I decided to bridge the gap and join the break because there wasn't much initiative to pick up the pace and I felt good. Right before the last turn before the park, someone tried to break away, but instead ended up breaking his bike as he took too much speed into the corner and slid out on some sand in the far lane (he was okay, just angry).

I was second wheel going into the last stretch and jumped onto another wheel that came up front ahead of the sprint. Unfortunate for me, he quickly faded on the hill finish and momentum got stuffed as I had to pass as others were coming up on my side. Ended up missing a podium, maybe 4th or 5th at the line. I didn't wait around for the results, but Peter was in the mix behind me.

It was my first race in 4 years and it was Peter's first road race. It felt great to be work for position and be in the final sprint.

Cat 4 Eric Voigt:

The race started out at an easy endurance tempo set by NCVC, with an immediate solo attack that was eventually brought in. Throughout the first 2.5 laps (out of 3), there were no real threatening attacks that occurred.

At ~4 miles to go, I attacked the pack right after a turn. When I peaked behind me to check who came, there was nobody, so I began to put the pedal to the metal. The rest of the team, who I think were already mostly at the front of the pack when I attacked, slowed up the pace to allow me to get away. I believe my largest split was 20-25 seconds but I do not know for sure.

As I made the final turn into York River Park, I could taste the victory. The 200m to go sign came a lot later than I was hoping, and when I saw it I looked behind me to see I had a good 15 or so second lead. I continued to hammer on for another 150m until, knowing I had won the race, I eased up and rolled across the line to seal the deal.

 All in all, thanks to my teammates for making my win possible.